Sales conditions for on-line lessons with a teacher.

While using our on-line lessons service with a teacher, you agree with our general “Terms & conditions” policy.

Buying process

Choose a teacher, select your timezone and book a meeting.

Our system’s timezone reference is Paris, France, GMT +1.

Teachers are located all over the world.

Lessons are intended to be one-to-one (one teacher, one student),

more students can be allowed at the teacher’s own discretion.

Buy lessons one by one, we don’t sell any “package”of lessons.

No bookings on the same day.

No refunds.


1 Cancellation

No cancellation from the student – if you can’t make it for the date and time of your meeting, your purchase will be irreversibly lost and nonrefundable.

In case of “force majeur”, the teacher can cancel the lesson, in that case the teacher will offer replacement time slots, or MaisondeQuartier.com will offer replacement teachers / time slots with no extra charge.

2 Good manners

Behave well with respect and if you use video chat, dress appropriately.

The teacher has the right to interrupt any session, to his sole discretion, if the User behaves inappropriately. In this case, the respective payment for such session shall not be refundable.

3 On-line meeting

Be ready at the time you chose for your lesson, teachers call you on due time on the selected app. Teachers might contact you in advance to identify themselves in your list of contacts.

Provide us with an alternate solution to contact you (phone / other app) in case of unforeseen problem.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you gave us on the booking form (including your username on the selected third party application).

On line lessons Services are provided by our teachers via any 3rd part conferencing software chosen by the user in the booking form.The user shall be solely responsible for obtaining such video conferencing software including any usage rights thereto at their own cost and www.MaisondeQuartier.com does not make any representations or warranties with regard to the availability and/or certain functionalities of such third-party video conferencing software.

www.MaisondeQuartier.com and the respective language teacher shall be free to determine the specific contents and/or design of any  session at their own discretion. www.MaisondeQuartier.com will use commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate any requests from the User on the specific contents and/or design of a session.

Each session may include up to five (5) minutes of administrative activities (e.g. designation of homework, preparation of notes).

4 Copyrights and confidentiality

You are not allowed to record, share or distribute any of part of the meeting with the teacher.

We have a strict confidentiality policy, meaning that teachers do not disclose any of the content or exchange with the student to any third party. Nevertheless, MaisondeQuartier.com’s staff may take part in any lesson, or join any discussion with a prior notice to the participants (teacher and student).

Any training material provided by www.MaisondeQuartier.com and/or a language teacher in connection with on-line teaching services may only be used by the User for the purpose of personal training preparation and follow-up as well as for personal information purposes. Training material may not be duplicated, processed, distributed or used for public reproduction without the prior written consent of www.MaisondeQuartier.com.

5 Communication with the teacher

Would you need to contact the teacher outside of your lessons, you must use exclusively the communication tools provided on MaisondeQuartier.com for registered users (send a message through our platform), teachers are not to be contacted through other means, like private e-mails, or third-party applications accounts.

Teachers have no obligation to answer to unsolicited messages, and teachers choose to their sole discretion whether to answer messages or not.

6 Other services

Any kind of service required by the student to the teacher other than teaching, like proofreading or translations, will be forwarded to MaisondeQuartier.com’s staff.

7 Governing law, dispute resolution

It is agreed that this Agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the substantive laws of Finland, excluding any rules for choice of law.

Any disputes related to this Agreement shall primarily be resolved by negotiations between the parties. If the dispute is not resolved within one month after the said negotiation procedure has verifiably been started, each party has the right to bring the dispute to the District Court of Helsinki to be solved by the court of justice.